Date: May 20, 2009
From: Concerned Citizens For The Return of KKSF 103.7 Radio Format
To: Clear Channel Programming
Mr. Ray Romano, Regional programming
Dave Pugh, Market Manager

Dear Sirs,

The Smooth Jazz listeners around the country have watched as you have chosen to eradicate the format in various markets at you radio properties. We understand and applaud your efforts to be a more efficient, fiscally responsible company, but the loss of your flagship smooth jazz property in San Francisco has struck a nerve in the listening community. Adult formats are drying up everywhere, but with no other outlet for this vital, original American music in the San Francisco Bay Area, we feel we must act, in light of your decision. Please accept this outpouring of support, with more to come, as a sign that perhaps re-thinking this move could be very positive for all concerned. Feel free to share this list with advertisers as proof that PPM numbers are not telling the true story of the earning potential of this station.
Sincerely Yours,

All of the Bay Area and Beyond Who Support The Return Of The KKSF 103.7 JAZZ Radio Programming Along With Itís Radio Personalities!

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